The climate in a Tropical Rainforest reaches about 30 degrees Celsius. Rainforests are good because they contain global weather patterns and rain. Rainforests are mostly humid during the year. The seasons never change.The temperature is about the same all day and night. So if it were night, the weather would usually be the same as daytime. The environment in a Tropical Rainforest is pretty much wet and the humidity reaches up to 77% to 88% during the year. The yearly rainfall ranges from 80 – 400 inches and it doesn’t really rain hard at all.Because of all of the moist air and damp soil, trees grow really quickly. The reason the soil is so fertile is because the air is damp and there is not a lot of sun. The tropical rainforest is the wetest area on earth and it rains every single day. The heat in rainforest is so hot that when an animal dies, it rots in a very short peiod of time - much shorter than it usually would. When the water evaporates into the air, it forms clouds above the canopy.