How Can We Save the Rainforest?

The rainforest is a very gentle and complex ecosystem it can be harmed by even cutting down one tree. When you cut down a tree all the life that tree has and is supporting lose a home. That can be anywhere from 30-40 small animals such as birds, chipmunks and even monkeys. Image if you cut down a hundred trees that destroys about 3500 animal homes. You also can't re-plant the rianforest because when you pull out the tree's they pull out the soil and it loses almost all it nutrients. So that beasically means that your destroying nature and that really isn't a good thing. People are making many types of species of the rainforest endangered and maybe even extinct. Even if you try to rebuild the rainforest you just be killing more animals and you will not succeed. Why would you destroy nature for you own selfish needs. It's not right. Would you like it if your home was being destroyed or maybe if you dying! I didn't think so. If you think destroying the rainforest isn't right then contact us and post you thoughts on our idea page.